Office 604, Asmawi Office Building
Dubai Investments Park 1
PO Box 26073
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 8841160
Fax: +971 4 8841164


Pure prestige – timeless design, noble and classically presented with a touch of sex appeal. This is the style of AIGNER cosmetics. Beautifully designed, subtle yet glamorous, simply irresistible.

AIGNER Fragrance - offers light, colour and optimism

AIGNER WHITE - Pure light transformed into sensuality

AIGNER BLACK - a unique fragrance, combined with a stylish design

AIGNER IN LEATHER- a deep, sensual line with an elegant design

AIGNER EVOLUTION - emphatically masculine composition with a unique character


AIGNER STARLIGHT- Turndown Products for Ladies

AIGNER TOO FEMININE - Turndown Products for Ladies

AIGNER Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

ETIENNE AIGNER - sophisticated and refined

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