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Angelo Caroli

Oryza Sativa
, Combining the elements of nature and science Oryza Sativa is the inspiration for a collection of products designed to create a superb bath experience. The philosophy of the cosmetic line, the protocols and techniques applied are a result of research carried out by the Angelo Caroli team. They consider the skin to be the mirror of ones body and such must be given the appropriate esthetic attention whilst not overlooking the significant ties between mind and body. Thus, the treatments and esthetic programs foresee an unprecedented sensory journey characterized by a myriad of stimulus targeting smell, sight, taste, touch and sound. The Angelo Caroli Cosmetic Line is characterized by original formulas and contains potent active ingredients obtained through the use of organic natural derivatives.

34ml, 68ml, 130ml flip top bottles
Relaxing bath foam
Radiant hair nutrience
Emotion body milk
Equilibrium conditioning

20gr Flow pack Velveting cleansing chalk

60gr, 150gr Re-energizing bar soap Velveting cleansing bar soap

Relaxing bath fizz

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