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Molton Brown

Travel wellbeing is at the core of Molton Brown's philosophy and we strive to enhance the total guest experience with an ever-developing selection of high-performance therapies to suit the mind and body. These potent sensory remedies allow guests to create their very own comfort zone on the move, controlling their ambience, enhancing their mood and protecting their personal space.

Collections can be themed to suit the seasons, the room environment, or your guest's mood; or you could refresh a longer stay by revolving the selection daily.

Every Molton Brown product is free from harsh detergents or high level preservatives and features the finest pure essential oils and potent plant extracts from around the globe.

Ultimately your guests will be able to check into a room which is itself a personalised therapy space - one that helps them to feel better when they leave than they did on arrival.

Ranges are available in:

  • Bottles: 30, 50, 100 and 300ml
  • Pure Vegetable Oil Soaps: 25, 30, 50 and 75grm
Accessories and Bath Butler Menu’s are also available.

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