About Us


Since our inception, our primary focus has been to reflect the exclusive brands we represent through our own philosophy of uncompromising service towards our customers.

First established in 1998 as Diversified Cosmetics, the exclusive GCC distributor of Molton Brown luxury amenities, the company has shown a steady path of growth while retaining its exclusive niche market.  Today Diversified represents a number of international luxury brands across a wide range of products, including:

  • Branded amenities
  • Bed and bathroom linens
  • Bed and bathroom accessories
  • F&B linens
  • Spa products
  • Turndown gifts

These luxury brands are from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and the USA, plus personalised products from China.

We understand that our clients, which include most of the four and five star hotels in the GCC and Levant, need to provide exceptional service to their own customers and that there cannot be any compromise on our reliability and consistency in delivery.  We have built our reputation on being responsive, trustworthy and flexible and have formed long-term partnerships with many of our customers.  We want them to be secure in the knowledge that we will deliver the right product on time, everytime.

We also require the same exacting standards from our suppliers and regularly visit their facilities to determine the quality of their products and to ensure their production capabilities are uptodate and more than adequate.

Our initial philosophy to live up to the world-renowned standards of our first distributorship, remains uncompromised. The same philosophy will continue to take our exclusive niche business into the future.