LCII – Luxury Collection Two

Luxury Collection Two – LCII Tubes

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml

Molton Brown hotel services add those extra little touches which make a hotel stay more than just a room for the night, giving an unrivalled experience for you and your guests.

Molton Brown know all the ingredients to enhancing your guests’ sensorial experiences. As a worldwide leading luxury bath and body brand with an irrepressible love of travel, they enjoy a renowned and unrivalled global presence and customer base.


You’ll find the answer in a skin-conditioning pump of hand wash, the exotically scented foam of a bath & shower gel, the holiday hair that looks cared-for, not in-crisis.

With expertly blended products that help your guests look and feel tip-top – whether their visit be for work or play – Molton Brown is a part of their stay that they will remember long after the fragrances fade.

With over 25 years of experience in providing luxury hotels tailored-made services, we know how to create a carefully selected bespoke package that is as individual as the charm of your hotel.

Whether it be a collection of 30ml and 50ml travel sizes and accessories, or 100ml and 300ml sizes for top-end rooms and suites; Molton Brown brings the same exotic blends that have captured the imaginations of customers and beuty editors around the word to your bathrooms.


“While you might not choose your hotel based just on the amenities in the bathroom, the right perks can make all the difference in your stay. Once you factor in all the little extras, like the plushness of the towels, the softness of the robes, getting to use products that you love can turn a decent hotel experience into one that you’ll want to repeat time and again.” Mintel, Top Bath Products at Luxury Hotels

 “Finding Molton Brown in your hotel bathroom is the mark of a fine property. You know that you’re in for a good stay.” Condé Nast Traveller magazine

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