We can work with you to create innovative and memorable amenities for your guests.  We understand the art and science of sensory stimulation and passionately seek new ways to ignite the senses.  Every detail is considered to create perfectly complimenting ranges for your bathrooms. We create amenities that arouse emotions and deliver a distinctive and indulgent experience to delight even the most discerning of guests.  Whether it is evocative new fragrances, cutting edge design or exotic tastes, we consider everything that can enhance your bath and body products to create unique experiences and help clients drive differentiation and preference for their brand.

  • Our design team will work with you in all areas to personalise your collection with distinction.
  • We will help develop the most inspired luxury fragrances for your custom amenities collection.
  • All our products contain gentle cleansing and moisturising ingredients that can be specially formulated without parabens, sulfates and unwanted preservatives.
  • Select environmentally responsible packaging.
  • We formulate all of our bath and body products to the highest possible standards. Sourcing the best materials from around the globe
  • Our factories are fully equipped with state of the art equipment.
  • Consistency in quality is assured through stringent quality control procedures.
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