Aigner In Leather

Leather’s irresistible aura has been a source of inspiration and creativity through the ages. The many different sensory stimuli awakened by leather also inspired the designers of AIGNER with a new idea. The vision they pursued was to dress people’s bodies in this material – invisible and yet subtly present in the fascinating and sensual form of a fragrance.

The AIGNER in leather Scent

AIGNER in leathers fragrance appears charismatic, elegant and dynamic. Endowed with glowing warmth the preference is given to the distinctively earthy scents of wood and leather, denoting a sensual depth that heralds the awakening of a new, richly imaginative eroticism.

Top Note: Bergamot – Grapefruit – Ginger

A harmonious triad of bergamot, grapefruit and ginger introduces the natural top note, refined further by the refreshingly green fruity nuance of apple, pineapple and melon and shrouded by the slightest hint of a sea breeze.

Middle Note: Lavender – Patchouli – Oak Moss

The middle note develops its character from the aromatic intonations of lavender, patchouli and oak moss that blend into a powerful all-embracing statement.

Base Note: Sandal-Vetiver – Leather – Amber – Musk

The fragrance finally trails off with a woody primary base note of sandal-vetiver, rounded off with the full characteristic warmth of leather, the softness of suede and a parting waft of Mediterranean amber and musk. 

The Packaging

The Product is presented in a coherent design – an elegant and stylish look that makes AIGNER in leather visually an irresistible temptation

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