The Water Bar

The Water Bar is an innovative, user-friendly water purification solution that was designed and developed by experts to provide you with pure, ice cold to boiling hot water with maximum ease at all times.

Water is essential to life. In the UAE, large amounts of drinking water is consumed mostly from plastic bottles. Only a very small percentage of plastic water bottles are recycled as most end up in the garbage. Plastic bottles are hazardous not only to humans but also to our fragile environment. Toxic chemicals from plastic bottles can be released into our water which is harmful our health. The manufacture and delivery of plastic bottles of water is expensive and unnecessary.

The Water Bar is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to meet the need for pure drinking water. There is no longer a need for bottled water as the Water Bar taps directly into the water mains therefore supply is endless. It purifies the water with the highest levels of filtration and purification. Pure water is dispensed from the hottest temperature of 100°C to coldest of 16°C. And everything is housed in an elegant, sophisticated and stylish minibar that comes in an array of colors to suit all interior décor schemes.

The Water Bar offers the following benefits:

  • The Water Bar includes a UV (Ultra Violet) lamp that purifies water by exterminating pathogenic bacteria following filtration. The UV lamp must be replaced once a year due to reduced intensity of exterminating bacteria.
  • The Water Bar includes a filter that contains active charcoal, which absorbs chlorine and organic substances, while preventing odors and aftertastes, thereby ensuring the ongoing high-quality of water dispensed by The Water Bar. The lifecycle of the filter is 6 months. Afterwards, its use may impair the water quality. Therefore, it must be replaced every six months or 2000 liters (according to the earliest) from the date of its installation.
  • No need for a separate kettle in your room as the water bar heats the water as well as cools it
  • No need to provide expensive bottles of water for your guest as fresh and purified water is on hand at the click of a button. This in turn saves you valuable storage space and is kinder to the environment with no bulky waste.
  • The water bar can be customised in a range of colours to suit your décor.
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